About OEMTakeBack.com

Recycling electronics recovers valuable materials- such as precious metals, copper, and engineered plastics- conserves virgin resources, and results in lower environmental emissions (including greenhouse gases) than making products from virgin materials. For example:

  • Recycling one million desktop computers prevents the release of greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of 16,000 passenger cars.
  • By recycling 100 million cell phones, approximately 7,500 pounds of gold could be recovered. At OEMTakeBack.com, we believe that helping consumers like you with environmentally friendly, sustainable ways to recycle consumer electronic products will drastically reduce environmental impact.

What You Can Expect

The items collected via OEMTakeBack.com are disassembled by Universal Recycling Technologies into their individual commodity and hazardous components onsite in an ecologically friendly and EPA compliant manner.

When using OEMTakeBack.com, you can rest assured that you will receive:

  • A safe and environmentally sound recycling solution meeting or exceeding all federal and state legislative requirements.
  • All computer hard disk drives are either shredded or data is erased utilizing procedures compliant with Department of Defense specifications.
  • All memory based electronics (phones, static memory, cameras, MP3 and media) are erased, reset or shredded.
  • World-class customer service and project management throughout the recycling process.
  • An eco-friendly solution that is significantly more sustainable than simply throwing your electronics in the trash.

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